Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Why do I need a fire risk assessment?

Many companies have a fire risk assessment completed because they want to be compliment with the law. Which, of course, isn’t wrong. All employers must assess risk from fire, for their workplace. However, at N2 Enterprises, we believe that an ethos responsibility towards your employees is a much more compelling reason.

We believe that if you approach your risk assessment from the perspective of taking care of your employees the risk assessment is more likely to be owned by everyone in the organisation, which in turn means that safety measures and procedures will be better understood and applied. This, in turn, means you are much less likely to have a fire. Therefore avoiding the disruption that one causes.

What is included in your fire risk assessment?

Site Audit

Our fire risk assessor will visit your site and carry out a visual audit of the premises. During the visit, they will speak to a few members of staff, to gauge understanding. They will also review your fire safety policies and procedures. If anything is found to be unsafe to the point of putting your employees or your premises at immediate risk they will discuss this before they leave.


Following the site audit, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the fire precautions you have in place along with the extent to which they meet the need for fire safety. In addition, we provide a simple action plan outlining matters that require improvement along with a risk rating for how urgent such works are.


We understand that businesses have to comply with many different legislative requirements. Therefore, we will ensure that your business complies in this area so you have peace of mind. We are a company that works with old-style business values, once a relationship has been formed with you we will give you advice, when you want to consider alterations to your workplace or if you are developing your business and require advice about fire safety. You can contact us for quick friendly advice. We will also remind you annually that as time goes by and businesses develop the risk assessment should also be updated, it may be that your responsible person has dealt with it adequately or you may wish us to visit and advise you. Again we are only that phone call away.