What is Fire Strategy?

We offer assistance in developing a fire strategy that will protect your organisation from fire and litigation whilst not costing you the earth.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires all employers to assess their fire risk. In most cases, this is as far as an organisation goes. Strictly speaking, this means they will be compliment with the law. However, we often find that by using several different contractors for aspects of fire safety, such as extinguishers and alarm systems, the approach is not co-ordinated, which in turn can lead to unnecessary expense.

By engaging us to help with your fire strategy, we will help you to apply an holistic approach to all aspects of fire precautions, avoiding any unnecessary cost or effort.

Fire Strategy

In summary

A fire strategy is an holistic approach to all of your fire safety policies, procedures and fire precautions. We deliver our fire safety strategy in collaboration with the responsible person for the premises.

Fire Doors

We often find that all doors on a plan for alterations or a new build are specified as fire doors. This is rarely necessary, and by applying a strategic approach we can help bring down the overall build cost.

Emergency Lighting

Your emergency lighting should help occupants escape in hours of darkness. Your fire strategy will show you which exits should be illuminated and where emergency lighting units are required.

Portable fire extinguishers

Many properties have been provided with more fire extinguishers than actually required for the level of risk. A fire strategy will identify the location and number of fire extinguishing equipment required to meet your specific risk.


By approaching your fire precautions in an intelligent and strategic way, you can be assured that, not only are you meeting your legal requirements, but you are also as safe from the devastating effects of fire as you can be. You can also rest assured that you are not wasting your hard earned income unnecessarily.

Fire Alarms

It’s good to have a working fire alarm system within your premises, but you need to know where the zones are. You also need to know what risk the fire alarm is covering and how efficient the fire alarm is. A fire strategy will inform you where all of your fire alarm points are, whether that’s automatic detection or break glass call points.