Our Courses in Brief

Great Value Fire Training!!!

N2E’s directors have accrued over 65years experience in the emergency services sector. This enables N2E to be able to deliver bespoke courses addressing your organisation needs in complying with current legislation.

Friendly and experienced instructors from N2E, will engage with your staff in a positive learning environment. They will utilise real life experiences and understanding to ensure professional, interesting and stimulating input, safeguarding your staff, premise and organisation against fire.

The following courses are available where you can book individual places not tying up all your staff. However if you would prefer, N2E will run a course on your premises , please contact us to discuss.

Fire Awareness Training Course 

This course is a basic awareness course to ensure staff are trained in fire safety matters detailed in the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005.  Areas covered: – causes of fire, understanding fire, actions on discovering fire, evacuation procedures.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course 

This course is a basic Fire Extinguisher course to ensure staff are trained in  safe use and operation of first aid fire fighting equipment as required by the Health & Safety at work act 1974 (as amended) and requirements detailed in the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005.  Areas covered: – classification of fire, understanding fire, identification of the right Fire extinguishing medium  to use on the correct classification of fire, the theory in put is followed by a practical session to ensure students can demonstrate what they have learned.

Fire Evacuation Training Course 

This course is a fire evacuation course to ensure staff are trained in your organisations evacuation and emergency plan to meet the requirements of the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005. Staff will receive training in your emergency plan. evacuation plan, they will be able to demonstrate their actions and responsibilities on i) Discovering a Fire ii) actions on hearing the fire alarm, What to do and where to go.  This course is very important for residential premises are concerned like Hotels, Residential Care premises, Factories, Shops, Offices.  This training is part theory and then the learning is confirmed by two or three practical exercises on your premises, giving you peace of mind for the safety of your staff, business, and premises.

Fire Marshal Training Course 

This course is designed for individuals with additional responsibilities in the organisations fire plan. Areas covered: – full content of the fire awareness course plus, awareness of human behaviour in fires, how to search safely and recognise areas that are unsafe to enter, able to demonstrate and discharge their responsibilities delegated by the organisation, liaison with fire and rescue service and performing a supervisory role in any fire situation.

Responsible Persons Awareness 

This course is designed to ensure that the responsible person for your organisation fully understands their duties to comply with the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005, areas covered: – risk assessments, fire awareness, emergency plans, employees responsibilities and training and maintenance of fire safety management.  Delivered to one or more students.

Tailored Courses Specific for your organisation

We will customise our courses or create a specific course to meet your organisations needs all you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements we will then design the course ensure that you are confident that it will deliver the information that you require your staff to receive. Just call or email us.

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