Fire Safety with Extinguishers Training

Dry powder extinguisher visibility
How dry powder reduces the visibility

Aim of the Course

This course is designed to educate your employees in fire safety and give them a greater awareness of the types of fire extinguishers on your premises, how to use them safely and what types of fires they can be used on. Building on the fire awareness training it will enable students to be aware of the dangers from fire in the workplace.

N2E can tailor courses to address the risks and needs of your organisation in complying with current legislation. Friendly and experienced instructors from N2E, will engage with your staff in a professional learning environment. They will utilise real life experiences and understanding to ensure professional, interesting and stimulating input, safeguarding your staff, premise and organisation against fire. This course includes all the material and content of our Fire Awareness Training, and has the added inclusion of a practical fire extinguisher session. You get the knowledge of fire safety in the workplace, plus practical guidance on how to use the fire extinguishers!

All businesses are required to have means of fighting fire and generally fire extinguishers are the most common on site –they can be the quickest and most effective way of putting a fire out, if used correctly, by people who know how to use them safely. Correct use can contain the spread of fire, and potentially save lives, if used as soon as a fire has been discovered, so having your staff properly trained and prepared could be the difference between serious loss/damage and the continued running of your business.

Course Content

  • Fire safety regulations and legislation
  • Who is the responsible person and what are their duties?
  • How Staff can assist the responsible person
  • Risk assessments and hazard identification
  • Management of dangerous materials and flammable substances
  • Causes of fire
  • Understanding Fire
  • Fire Extinguishers and what types of fire they are classified for
  • Fire prevention/Safety
  • Fire action plan
  • Types of fire extinguisher and practical extinguisher training
  • Company Fire Policy
  • Action of discovering a fire
  • Actions to take to contain a fire
  • Evacuation procedure
  • Decision making about tackling a fire
  • How to tackle a fire safely

Benefits for your organisation

  • N2E instructors will discuss with you the risk relevant to your premise and your fire policy which will then be included in the presentation to your staff.
  • All staff will be aware of the dangers of fire and how it will protect their jobs and organisation by enhanced fire safety awareness
  • Your staff will be trained to use the Fire Fighting equipment that you provide
  • Protecting your staff, premises and business from the effects of fire.
  • Protecting your business if staff try to use firefighting equipment provided and have not had training
  • Preventing small fires from becoming large disasters for your business
  • Protection of other persons on the premises
  • Greater understanding of risk assessments
  • Ensure that your organisation can comply with the current legislation
  • A certificate for each member of staff attending
  • N2E will advise you annually when a refresher course would be required

Course Summary

Fire Awareness training

2 hours duration

Your choice of location

20 person max

Certificate upon completion

Theory & practical

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