Fire Safety Management / Fire Risk Assessment

Why do I need fire safety advice?

The Fire & Rescue Service sometimes carry out on the spot audits on some premises to see if the fire safety management is compliant, if they find that your fire safety management is not sufficient they may prosecute.  If you are unfortunate enough to have a fire, the Fire & Rescue Service will want to see your fire risk assessment as they will deem it has failed.  The organisation and individuals are liable for prosecution.

N2E can assist you in drawing up a Fire Safety Plan that can be presented to the local Authority for auditing. Article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that a suitable risk assessment is carried out, it will address the risks and needs of your organisation in complying with the above legislation. Friendly and experienced staff from N2E will visit your premises, conduct a tour around them and engage with your nominated responsible person, fire marshals and staff to ensure that your safety plan covers all risks relating to fire that can be identified. They will utilise real life experiences and understanding to ensure professional guidance is given thereby safeguarding your staff, premise and organisation against fire.

The Fire Audit

N2E’s Staff will conduct a visit around your premises and advise you on what is required to ensure your business, staff, and premises are safe and compliant with regulations.

When do you require a written risk Assessment?

  • If you employ five or more people;
  • If your premises are licensed;
  • You have carried out any alterations;
  • You have been served with an improvement notice
  • Change of Workplace
  • Change of use of all or part of the premises
  • Significant change to staffing levels
  • Structural or material alterations
  • Any change in fire precautions in the premises
  • Any near miss or fire incident
  • Change from a single occupier to multiple occupancy
  • A 12 month period the assessment should be revisited to ensure that it is still current and fit for purpose.

Any of the above being present means that a new risk assessment should be undertaken and your fire plan amended.  The significant outcomes of the risk assessment must be recorded. N2E’s staff has a wealth of experience in assisting organisations to meet their legal responsibilities, making this an easy and less stressful process to go through.

Fire Risk Assessment Document

The next step following any actions required to be taken will be to draw up a Fire Risk Assessment that you can present to the Local Authority to demonstrate that your business complies with Legislation, your fire safety management is well managed and that your staff are in a safe environment regarding safety from fire. N2E will also ensure that the document is easy to follow for your nominated responsible person and that you will easily be able to maintain the premises to keep them complying throughout the year, with minimal time being taken up by your already busy managers and staff.

Benefits for your organisation

N2E understand that business has to comply with many differing legislative requirements, N2E will ensure that your business complies in this area so you have peace of mind.

N2E is a company that works with old style business values, once a relationship has been formed with your organisation they will give you advice, when you want to consider alterations to your workplace or if you are developing your business and requiring advice about fire Safety contact N2E for quick friendly advice.

We will remind you annually that as time goes by and businesses develop the risk assessment should also be updated, it may be that your responsible person has dealt with it adequately or you may wish N2E to visit and advise you again we are only that phone call away.

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